It’s midnight…

13 Apr

Okay so it’s not quite midnight. It’s close enough though! Might as well be considering I have to get up in 5 hours. 4 months later and I bring you another totally rare but awesome post! WHY would I be up at 1130 at night if I have to be up at 430 in the morning you may ask?

It’s because I’ve really been asleep since 8! Just got up to take a shower and get ready to go back to bed… OH the life of an Enterprise slave! That’s pretty much how my days run now. Enterprise, eat, sleep. Enterprise, eat, sleep. 11 hours a day, 5 days a week. Throw in a day of errand running and occasional movie night and that’s pretty much my life now! Don’t feel bad for me! (As sucky and pathetic my life may sound.) Summer is here! Bring on the tubing, bbqs, sand volleyball, and laying out by the pool!! My favorite time of the year 🙂 Mostly just because I can get a tan and it makes me look skinnier!

I’m working out at the airport now, and honestly I love it. It’s a much more simpler time than working in town. I like simple. Simple is good! However, I do get tired of 250-300+ reservation days. Bring back 22 reservations a day! Bring back sitting in a chair and not standing out in the heat! Bring back breakfast taco Fridays!

Which reminds me… I’m hungry. Mmmm… What to eat.



It’s been a while…

19 Dec

Hey guys. It’s been a while since I’ve last written in here. GOD so much has happened since then. I’ve gotten a new job an Enterprise in Austin and have been living up there during the weekday and driving down to San Antonio during the weekend. And the weeks go on and on. UNTIL NEXT WEEK! I am moving into my new apartment in Austin next week! No more driving back and forth every week. No more living out of bags and having to decide what to do with myself weeks ahead of time so I can plan! I am unbelievably excited!! And I LOVE my new apartment! It’s big and awesome!

Christmas is coming and I MUST say, it’s kinda odd not having to buy a mountain of presents for people since my family is not here! I miss having to brave the crowds and fight off the ravaging crazed christmas crowds. But then again, I save money. So… what to do?

New Years will be awesome! I plan on spending all weekend starting a new year by getting my apartment ready! IT WILL BE EXCITING! This year, I promise to make resolutions that I WILL KEEP. I know I say that every year, but I didn’t do too shabby for the year 2010. I kept most of my resolutions for the most part of the year! YEA. THAT’S RIGHT.

My one BIG resolution? Eat more home cooked food aka save more money!


Food For Thought

23 Aug

Books. Remember way back when when our parents told us to read more, so we waddled over to our book shelves, perused the large selection of dusty, piled up stack of books, and then selected one, waddled to a comfy chair, sat down, and opened a book? Remember the smell of old books, or the feeling of crisp pages of a new one?

Now? What does the new generation do when they want to read a book? Download it. Pick up your Kindle, iPad, or Nook, search for it on an online store, and then select “Download” or “Buy”. Is it the same reading these books? Is it taking out some of the enjoyment of actual “reading”?

I can’t say I actually know. I have never downloaded a book. I have printed stuff out from online to read it as I personally find it difficult to read a book on my computer with the glare and the multi-colored dots. I have not, however, tried reading from an eBook reader! Not more than 10 minutes ago, I picked up a Nook at Barnes and Noble, and actually thought of buying one! The screen looks exactly like a book! There is no way of telling it was not an actual page. (Well, the fact that the whole book was touchscreen, flat, and white was a total giveaway.)

Am I about to succumb to the ridiculousness of book-substitution? That is a possibility. After all, I am saving the trees by not buying products made of paper! (: Now the question is, Nook, Kindle, or iPad?


No life!

12 Aug

It is official.

I am ALWAYS on Facebook! That happens to someone sitting around at home all day.

I am going to CUT DOWN on my facebook use!



11 Aug


I have never been to a water park in my LIFE! And yesterday was my first time! It was a good thing Schiltterbahn was my first water park, seeing that it’s top ten water parks in the US!

Getting a little bit of a late start (10am- it takes 40 minutes to get there), we got there just a LITTLE bit before the crowds started arriving. Dragon’s Revenge was the name of the first ride I took, and I was TERRIFIED. With the ominous music, foreboding signs everywhere, and super-fast flowing water, along with with my fear of rides, the hour-wait was, needless to say, nerve wrecking. HOWEVER, I cannot imagine the last time I have had as much fun as I did then! I LOVE IT!!! I love water rides!!! 😀 😀

The next ride, master blaster, broke down TWICE while we were in line, so we ended up having to wait for 2 hours to ride it! Amber almost passed out while waiting. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! (Okay maybe not. 2 hours IS a very long time!)

The day just went uphill from there!! The rides were awesome! So much fun! Along with being hit on by a 10, 14, and 21 year old, the day could not get much better! Going down rides backwards, stupid lifeguards, losing contact lenses, doing backflips and losing our tubes (and my top at one point), I have never had so much fun! It is official. I LOVE WATER PARKS! We will definitely go back soon!


Happy Birthday Singapore!

8 Aug

In honor of Singapore’s National Day, I am going to list my top 20 favorite things about Singapore!

1. It’s where my family and lots of my friends are!
2. It’s a beautiful city, with flowers and greenery everywhere! It’s a city and a garden all in one!
3. The wide variety of food is unbeatable. There is ALWAYS something new to eat from all over the world.
4. The KFC in Singapore kicks the KFC in the US’ ass.
5. Everyone in Singapore is SKINNY because of the need to walk everywhere.
6. Very efficient, cheap public transport i.e. MRT, bus, cabs.
7. It is CLEAN! No gross things everywhere!
8. It is SAFE. I can go out at 4 am in the morning and walk around by myself and STILL be safe!
9. There are beautiful beaches everywhere!
10. I get tan because it’s always sunny!
11. It’s a big, busy city. Everyone is always rushing around!
12. There is ALWAYS something to do. ALWAYS.
13. Cars all look brand new because… well…they are!
14. Government is always trying to make the city look better, so most everything looks brand new! Constantly upgrading!
15. ORCHARD ROAD. (Best shopping street in the WORLD. Nuff said.)
16. The fresh fresh air in the morning.
17. Hungry at 3 am? That’s cool! There’re places to eat! (Not Whataburger or McDonalds.)
18. Singapore is a city and a country in itself. So people are encouraged to travel out of their comfort zone.
19. There are so many different kinds of people, so much diversity, and everyone accepts everyone.
20. It’s a country for everyone. (:

Happy birthday Singapore! I definitely miss you very much!



5 Aug

As most of you know, I have recently attempted to sell a 2 ct. diamond tennis bracelet on Ebay. During my first attempt, I managed to sell it. However, my buyer happened to be from Italy and did not understand a word of English. As outstanding as my knowledge of the Italian language is, I still did not understand a word she said. As a result, both of us depended on Google Translation which proved to be unreliable. After the many misunderstandings, I gave up and offered it to the second highest bidder.

The bidder was from the US and could speak perfect English. I, however, a newbie to Ebay, did not quite know how to work the “second-chance offer” deal. After failing to complete the deal, I re-posted the bracelet all over again to allow her to re-bid for it all over again. To my surprise, someone did the “Buy It Now” and it was sold! This time, the bidder was from Nigeria. (Should’ve known.) I felt bad for the bidder from the US who wanted it, but this bidder from Nigeria was going to pay $400 for it instead of $350.

Greed will be the downfall of Mankind.

Through an elaborate scheme to steal my bracelet, they sent me an email using a fake paypal email, saying that they already paid for the bracelet and was pending, until I sent the bracelet. Which, I stupidly did. Of course, I did not realize it was a scam until I got another email from “Paypal” saying that I needed to send them more money. My heart sunk when I read the email. I knew I have been so stupid. It was my fault for not realizing that Paypal would have reflected the sum even if it hasn’t gone through yet.

I, of course, called Paypal and Ebay to see if there was anything they could do. There was nothing. I called USPS to see if they could stop the shipment of the package. It was too late. It had already left the US.

I never thought I would be one of those people who would get scammed, but I was! As angry as I was, there was nothing I could do about it. But I have learnt a lesson: I am NEVER doing anything on Ebay ever again. AND of course I am here to dissuade any of you from doing the same thing. However, if you INSIST on doing so, here are some tips from Rachel that may help you from getting scammed!


1. If you see an item that you like, make sure you read through the whole thing to see EXACTLY what you’re buying. People have been known to word things VERY discreetly to leave out the whole item altogether, and just send you the box.

2. Check the seller’s ratings. The more ratings they have, the better. The better the ratings, the better. Even if their items may be more expensive, if you’re getting a genuine deal instead of getting scammed, paying $10 more is totally worth it!

3. Do EVERYTHING through Ebay and Paypal. Conduct EVERYTHING through Ebay, including the actual “purchasing” and “paying”. This is important, because Ebay insurance does not cover any transactions OUT of Ebay. What do I mean by this? Once you win the bid, only communicate with the buyer through the Ebay messaging, not by personal messaging. When you pay through Paypal, pay through Ebay, and not directly through Paypal.


1. On your side, make sure that you post everything about the item ACCURATELY. This is only fair to the buyer. I would recommend only selling to people within the US (or whatever country you’re from). This is safer. (And less of a language barrier.)

2. When you manage to sell your item, check the buyer. If they have plenty of good feedback, you pretty much have nothing to worry about. If they don’t, well, everyone has to start from somewhere. Just be more careful.

3. Once again, only communicate through Ebay messaging.

4. When they pay you through Paypal, CHECK YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Even if it pending, it will STILL SHOW UP. When in doubt, just call Paypal and they’ll check everything for you.

5. Only when everything is clarified on Paypal, then it is okay for your to ship your item. Remember to ONLY SHIP to the official paypal account address. This is both for your safety as well as a safety of the buyer.


1. When in doubt, just call and ask the customer service representatives! That’s what they’re paid for!

2. DO NOT TRUST ANY EMAILS FROM PAYPAL.COM.AU. That’s the email that scammed me 😦 All valid emails are going to end with .com. That’s it.

ALRIGHTY! I hope my little piece of information will keep all of you guys from getting scammed yourselves!!

Stay scam free! (And don’t scam others. Otherwise, we are no longer friends.)